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Napa Valley Bee Company is committed to the practice of stationary beekeeping, which closely mimics the way bees exist in the wild. The majority of commercial beekeepers nowadays are migratory, shipping their bees to where pollination is needed. This practice not only uses large amounts of fossil fuels, but it also stresses the bees immune systems, exposes them to pesticides, and causes the spread of pests and pathogens leading to bee diseases.

At Napa Valley Bee Company we aim to provide sustained and diverse forage for our hives year-round, which is a lot of work. Cultivating and managing land is both time and resource intensive, but with the multi-year draught California is facing, there is not much available forage for bees in the wilderness. Hence, there is great value in partnership and collaboration with farms, farm-to-table restaurants, ranches, and bio-diverse vineyards and estates. Partnering with these properties benefits the bees, as they’re able to adapt to local conditions, benefits the beekeeper, as the bees have a more balanced, consistent and nutritious food source, and it benefits the farms and landowners by having year-round pollination services, leading to increased yields and of course local honey.

Calistoga Ranch

Clif Family Winery

Chez Panisse Restaurant

The French Laundry Restaurant

Long Meadow Ranch

Nickel & Nickel Winery

Oenotri Restaurant

Ram’s Gate Winery

Rombauer Vineyards



The Hess Collection

Dry Creek Farm


Chalk Hill