Bee Swarm Removal and Extractions

We love bees, but know they can sometimes get into areas where they are unwanted. Chimneys, roof eves, attics, sprinkler boxes, and barrels are common places where bees make their home.
PLEASE DO NOT CALL AN EXTERMINATOR. Not only is this harmful for the bee population, but this does not get rid of the comb and other bees will return to the location. Let us provide a free estimate of the expense and difficulty involved with the job—as some situations are far more complex than others. We will carefully remove the bees and comb, and relocate them to a conventional hive. We then clean up the location completely and seal the entrances so that no bees return. We are fully insured and fully guaranty the quality of our work. Did we mention we love those bees?


What to do if you see a swarm

If you see a ball of bees clustered on a tree limb, fence, or other convenient perch, you may have  a swarm on your hands. These bees have likely originated from a nearby nest and are now searching for a new home. (This is analogous to the division of a cell.) You are actually witnessing a wonder of nature!
First thing: DON’T PANIC! Do not spray, poison, or hose the bees, as this angers them and makes the situation worse—aside from it being cruel and irresponsible. Usually the bees will move on within a day or two with no harm; however, it is important they do not take up residence in openings around your home. Call us. We will come and remove the swarm. These bees can be easily relocated and transported to greener bee pastures.